REAVID Consultancy Is Looking For Project Coordinators

REAVID Consultancy Is Looking For Project Coordinators

REAVID Consultancy Is Looking For Project Coordinators





REAVID offers services in the fields of designing, writing, budgeting, detailing, implementation and reporting of projects in the format and conditions required by local, national and international grant provider institutions.In particular, REAVID Consultancy, which plays an active role in institutional capacity building projects of NGOs and municipalities, ensures that the projects are implemented correctly while it undertakes trainings of the personnel of the institutions.






It also provides Institutional Training, Research and Reporting services to the public / private sector, universities and non-governmental organizations. The mission of REAVID, which aims to provide added value on all related institutions and organizations in the projects and all sectors that it is located, is “Being a model company that constantly improves the qualities of employees and increases the capacities of the institutions that are being serviced, implements projects that support the environment and sustainable development in the national and international sectors”






REAVID is currently looking for 2 team mates who have recently graduated from the Political Science, English or American Language and Literature, Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences or the Department of Political Science / Departments of the Universities, and experienced in project management / management.







 Required Qualifications, Competences and Experience:



-A bachelor degree in preferable in Humanities and Social/Political Sciences, English or American Language and Literature, Economics and Administrative Sciences or relevant departments,

-Experience of at least 2 years in project would be a plus,

-Having at least 2 years experience as Project Coordinator, Project Assistant, Administrative Affairs Officer or Researcher etc. within the framework of European Union Grant Programs or Development Agencies Grant Schemes would be a plus,

-Ability and willingness to travel,

-Good analytical and organizational skills,

-No military obligation for male candidates,

-Effective use of MS Office programs,

-Strong communication and interpersonal skills,

-Good command in English (Priority will be given to those whose business English is good in their interest of work and also those who have a valid language certificate in English (IELTS, TOEFL or YDS etc.),

-Experience of designing and developing projects would be a plus,

-Having PCM, PMP Certificate would be a plus.








Interested candidates must send an updated CV (including photograph) to by 10.09.2017 at the latest.




Only short-listed candidates will be notified about the time and place of the interview.




For further information about REAVID, please visit our website.






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